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Oslo Viken Airsoft Klubb invites you to our first milsim event. The game will take place on Torsnes (Fredrikstad) 02.09.23 - 03.09.23. The game will start 18.00 on Saturday and ends 12.00 on Sunday. This means that we will play 16 hours nonstop.

The attendants are responsible for bringing what you need to keep going for the entire game.

This means you need to bring food, something to drink, water, bb`s, greengas, batteries and other things you need to play. You will also need to bring something your own camping equipment, such as tent and so on. More details will come at a later time.

Members of OVAK will gain access to buy tickets already now until they open for everyone to buy 01.06.23. We have set a limit of 60 players for this game. There is an 18-year age limit for this event.

Member of OVAK: 150,-

Not a member of OVAK: 300,-

To sign up, follow the instructions by following the link below.


It is the year 2023, and tensions are high in the region of Aridus. The United Forces of Tibitus (UFOT) has deployed a massive military force to the region to confront the army of the Republic of Dunes (ROD), which has invaded the neighbouring country of Oasis and is threatening to expand its reach further.

Operation Sandstorm is a challenging and immersive milsim scenario that will test players' teamwork, strategy, and endurance. With a mix of day and night-time objectives, players must adapt to changing conditions and work together to achieve their mission. The scenario will recreate a fictional conflict in the region of Aridus.


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